Efficient Workplace Management

Organize and Collaborate -Projects, Tasks and Documents

Project Management and Collaboration Tools

Co-ordinate on projects , tasks and documents from any part of the world - even from your mobile hand set

Document Management and Online Document Editing

Organize documents in cloud and access from anywhere. Choice to edit documents with # 1 online Office Application

Customer Relationship Management Solution

Organize customer information and interaction with them . Track and manage new business opportunities with ease

Organization wide Intranet and Social Networking Tools

Use tools such as blogs and forums, as well as communicate with your team members via corporate Instant Messenger

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Key Features for Efficient Work place Management

Enables to Have a Less Paper Office

Projects , Tasks and Milestones Tracking
Online Documents Creation, Organizing and Collaborating
Customer Relationship and Opportunity Tracking

Calendar for every Project, CRM items with sync option

Team Management and Reporting
Organization-wide Intranet and Knowledge Sharing Tools
Inbuilt Email Client and Mail Management Tools
Instant Messenger for Real-time Communication

Features Detail


Benefits you can't afford to missed out


Quick Overview of Projects and Tasks going on

Whenever and wherever you want- in office, at home or on the road, from your mobile handset

Increased Efficiency & Enhanced Productivity

Improved information and knowledge management practices with easy collaboration on projects and tasks

Better Services and Satisfaction to Customers

Make customers as guest user to your system to collaborate on their projects and documents.

Saving on Microsoft Office Licenses

Inbuilt Word Processer and Spreadsheet applications reduces your requirement of Microsoft Office licenses.

Efficient Team Management & Reporting

Hundreds of reports on status of ongoing projects , tasks  and team members engagement

Real-time Joint Editing of Documents

Enables Geographically diverse team to review and edit on same document at a time

No More Loss of Information Lying in Emails

Better organizing of emails with attachments because of link facility with right project, task or client.

Repository of Common Documents and Templates

Build repository of documents and templates of common interest for whole organization and individual department.

Easy Integration with Document Sync services

Take benefit of added feature of providing access to your documents after attaching sync services to the portal

Team Members remained Informed and Updated

Choice of automatic email notification about the projects, tasks, deadlines and calendar activities


FAQ and Knowledge Base

Useful Article and FAQ about Team Office . You can raise a ticket to reach us to answers any question about Team Office and how we can help to deploy it at your office


Help Portal

See the software in action

Seeing is Believing! It just takes 30 minutes to demonstrate Team Office online . We will let you familiar with features and explain the advantages you can get on deployment.


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