Key Features for Efficient Workplace Management 

Projects , Tasks and Milestones Tracking

Manages the complete lifecycle of your all projects internal or external form initiation to completion.



Create project outcomes, milestones (deadlines), execute relevant tasks by delegating to team and monitor with ease.



Multiple options to generate lists of ongoing projects and tasks for efficient monitoring.



Lists of overdue and upcoming milestones with relevant tasks of a specific project or all ongoing on projects.



List of projects with No Open Milestones and No Open Tasks helps you assess the status of the completion of the project.



Online Documents Creation, Organizing and Collaborating

Store, View, Edit and Share Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations and PDF etc. online



Maintain separate repository of documents -for every project , customer's and  personal documents , shared documents


Automatically Maintain multiple version of all documents 



Facilitates to transfer existing folders in bulk



Attach your cloud drives like Google Drive, Box, Drop Box, Skydive etc. and share them with the team members.



Retrieval of documents easier By project, By Customer, By Tasks and Common Documents Repository to save master documents and templates etc.



Customer Management and Opportunity Tracking

A unique place to manage all information about your customers , vendors and associated contacts, their projects, tasks, documents and interaction details etc.



Profiles, categorizes customers and other contacts and assign tags for ease of retrieval with facility of custom designed fields and bulk import.



Restricted access for each customer/ vendors to certain teams or identified team members in every team helps securing your confidential data and documents



Helps to create record of potential customers , add enquiries forms to your website and create opportunities to chase new customers or new business with existing customers



The complete history of interaction, tasks, meetings, documents and emails exchanged are available at one place. 



Personal and Group Calendars - Never Miss Deadlines

Multiple calendars, separate for each project and also for CRM events



Personal calendars and organization wise calendars to display birthday of team members


Bulk creation of all repetitive events ensuring that nothing missed out and all deadlines fulfilled in time.



Every calendar have its own access right and calendar owner can decide who have access to their calendars.



Automatically sync with other calendars you are already using.


Timely notification emails about calendar events




Team and Interns Management and Reporting

Maintain information of system users and groups they belongs to, record birthdays and prompt to team members



Allows access to customers and vendors as guest user to co-ordinate on projects running on and share information in real time.



Automatically record time spend on each and every project and facilities for manual data entry for time spend.



Reports about activities done by a specific user or all users of a group or multiple group.



Monitor team engagement through automatic reporting mechanism .



Intranet and Knowledge Sharing Tools

A social network tool for your organization that lets you communicate and collaborate not only with your project team, but with the entire company.



Corporate blog to share the interesting information, thoughts and experiences



Share events, news, new order/ deal procurement , announcements etc



Discuss issues and share your ideas and knowledge-leading the forum discussion



Create, store your bookmarks and share them with other portal users.



Wiki system to document organization wide knowledge , policy documents etc. at one central location

Inbuilt Email Client and Mail Management Tools

Communication tools to manage your correspondence right on the portal.



Message management solution helps you work more efficiently, improve business communication and allows you to manage one or several email accounts, communicate quickly and manage e contacts effectively.



This mail system gives you access to your customer and vendor database maintained in the CRM system and hence helps you organize email addresses in a single place.



Mails can be linked with CRM records and multiple tags can be assigned for easy retrieval.




Instant Messenger for Real-time Communication

Instant messenger for real-time communication between co-workers and guest customer users or freelances etc.



Inform about choice of status, archive history, transfer files in addition to multi-user chat support, search function



Send message to a mailing lists of internal users, provides chat rooms and create the conference in real time.



Sends notifications to provide you with information about every change at your portal.



Helps work together easier and achieve collective goals.





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