CA. B.C.Chechani, Co-Founder and Director


CA. B.C.Chechani is founder and director of the company. He co-founded Smarty Software Pvt. Ltd with a vision to increase the adoption of  software applications related to domain customer relationship management, workplace management and marketing automation in India.


He looks after marketing and business development in addition to product vision and strategy  in the domain of workplace management and professional services automation, for which the we have taken taken initiates recenty.


He was associated with Hazel Infotech Limited as an intrapreneur since 2004 and worked as CEO of the company. He conceived a pool of dynamic software products for Microsoft Office users, based on a unique concept of organizing of documents at the stage of document creation itself. These application provides root level organizing of documents through a compelling mechanism by locking down Microsoft word and Excel that enables automated profiling of documents by adopting document taxonomy.


During his journey of one and half decade in software business, he experienced and accumulated valuable product discovery in workplace management space. At the same time, he also realized that   the adoption of application in CRM and Workplace management is very poor in India, hence he decided to work on the idea of identifying world class applications in global market having Indian appeal and introduce them in Indian market with excellent service support to customers for speedy deployment of these applications.


He recently invested more than one year in researching multiple global application software in CRM and Workplace management space which not only have strong Indian appeal but are cost efficient too. He also built offering around reputed open source applications which he himself deployed in their own organization during the last decade.


He is qualified chartered accountant having more than two and half decades experience. He diverted into software product space in 1998 from his practice of chartered accountancy because of his immense love with Information technology.


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Gopal Chechani , Co- Founder and Director


Gopal Chechani is founder and director of the company. He co-founded Smarty Software Pvt. Ltd with a shared vision to increase the adoption of  applications in software domain like CRM and Workplace management in India.


He heads the customer satisfaction function and takes care of speedy deployment of all software product offering . He also looks after pre-sales activities where he tries to understand customer requirements and relate them with  company's offering . Based on his rich experience over a decade in deploying open source solution for the betterment of various business processes, he is keen and very enthusiastic to offer these solution to Smarty customers whether it CRM technologies and Customer Interaction.


Before founding Smarty , he was associated with Hazel Infotech Limited from 2004 to 2014 and served as Head - Customer Support of Office Productivity Solution division. His core responsibility at HIL was Customer Satisfaction, enabling customers for efficient deployment of productivity solution.


He is a commerce graduate having more than two and half decade experience that includes latest 15 years in software product business and early 10 years in suiting business.


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